Before and After | Tina Bullen | Art print



Before and After Giclee Art Print.

Printed on demand. 

Measurements 37 x 37cm (actual picture) or 42 x 42cm (with trim).

Created May 2021, as part of a pair of paintings. Please see its sister piece, The Times We Live For and consider buying together as they should be hung and viewed together as opposites.
Before and After depicts a dead hydrangea head and is about how we feel in the in-between times when we are waiting; that brittle, delicate death; a held breath; here but not. Some petals fade out of focus and get consumed by the white background; some petals are just skeletal.
The work contains deliberate drips and intentional bleeds of grey and alizarin red. Though the image is mostly greyscale, there are hints of alizarin, ultramarine and yellow ochre.
The original remains as part of the artist’s own collection, so buy the print instead.
Fine Art Giclée Prints
My fine art giclée prints are printed on a 310gsm alpha/cotton mix textured fine art museum media displaying a lovely rough weave with random undulations. They have all the attributes to meet the museum standard of giclée printing.